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Documents and Certification


Once the Registrar has the required information and documents, they will issue the following certificates which enables you to start arranging the funeral of the person who has died:


  • Certificate for Burial or Cremation - (referred to as the 'Green Form') - this certificate is free of charge and needs to be handed to the Funeral Director as soon as possible, as it gives permission for the person who has died to be buried or cremated. In some cases where the coroner is involved, this certificate may not be issued. Instead a separate certificate will be issued directly to the Funeral Director.


  • Certificate of Registration of Death BD8 - (also known as the white form) - this Certificate is free also, and is used if the person who has died was in receipt of any state pensions or benefits. It is advised to read all information contained within this form before completing and then should be sent to the address on the back of the form, along with any relevant pension books.


  • A Certified Copy of an Entry of Death (referred to as the 'Death Certificate') - this certificate is issued as legal proof of the death and is required to settle the affairs and estate of the person who has died. You can obtain copies of the certified death certificate at an additional cost..

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