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Letting People Know


As well as letting all relatives and friends know about the death and the funeral arrangements, you will need to close all the bank and building society accounts or cancel or change insurance details, agreements, payments or direct debits that the deceased had.


These might include the following:


  • Inform their Employer

  • Inform the School

  • Inform the Solicitor/Accountant

  • Inform the Bank and Building Society to close all accounts down

  • Inform their Utility Suppliers

  • Inform their Phone and Broadband Provider

  •  Inform Government organisations such as:

  • The relevant Tax Office

  • National Insurance Contributions Office if they were self-employed (to cancel payments)

  • Child Benefit Office (at the latest within eight weeks)

  • Local authority if they paid Council Tax, had a parking permit, were issued with a Blue Badge for disabled parking, or received social services help, attended day care or similar

  • UK Identity and Passport Service, to return and cancel a passport

  • DVLA, to return any driving licence, cancel car tax or return car registration documents/change ownership


We can also help you with the wording and placing of announcements in local or national papers.

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