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The Embrace
St Helens Crematorium
  • Hearse & Bearers (if bearers required)                                                     
  • 1 x Family Limousine (Seats upto 7)                                                          
  • Supply of Coffin                                                                                           
  • Dignified collection and care of the Deceased During Business Hours   
  • Use of Private Chapel of Rest                                                                     
  • Funeral Celebrant to meet with you & create a                                 )        
  • Funeral Service based on your thoughts & ideas                               )
  • Funeral Celebrant to construct a  professional empathetic Eulogy )
  • Collection of Ashes to return to family                                                        
  • Ordering of chosen music                                                                             
  • Administration Costs for Required Documentation                                                                                                                                 
  • 1 Hour Service at St.Helens Crematorium                                         (£916.00)
  • Funeral Celebrant to conduct Service                                                 (£206.00)
  • Doctors Fees                                                                                           (£164.00)      
The Simplistic Funeral
St Helens Crematorium
  • Hearse

  • 1 x Family Limousine

  • Supply of Coffin

  • Dignified collection and care of the deceased

  • Use of Chapel Monday to Friday

  • (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 10am-4pm)

  • ½ Hour Service at St Helens Crematorium

  • Funeral Date arranged by Funeral Director for 9am or 9.30am

  • Funeral Celebrant to meet with you and create a funeral service based on your thoughts and ideas

  • Support with all documentation


Disbursement Fees :- Doctors, Crematorium & Minister are included in the cost



We have heard it said time and time again "it doesnt matter about the cost, its for my mum/dad/friend" etc, but for most people it does matter.  


At Garvey & Young we recognise that grief can be overwhealming and the need to provide your loved one with the 'send off' they deserve is foremost in your mind, however this can make you vulnerable to accepting services/items that you feel pressurised into purchasing.  We will sit with you, either in the comfort of your own home or at our premises in Sutton and go through step by step the costs involved.  


We will not pressurise you into purchasing expensive items/services that you do not need, we will advise you of costs at every stage and you will be given as much time as needed to make sure your choices are right for you.  


As a reflection of our costs, listed below is one of our most requested funeral choices.  This can be adapted to your own requests and become a lovingly bespoke funeral for your loved one.  We strongly believe our costs sets us aside from our competitors along with attention to detail, professionalism, empathy and quality we provide to our bereaved families. 


We will always advise you to obtain detailed costs from other providers so you can be assured that our costs and service are incomparable. 

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